Why Work at GlobalStep

Resource to the Experts

Since we are an independent provider of game testing services, our interests are aligned with our people. Within GlobalStep, you are not a support resource to the core creative process but a revenue generation resource. This means that it is in our interest to train and hone your abilities and provide you with opportunities that enable you to maximize your contribution in relation to your knowledge based skills. This is a key difference between working for GlobalStep and working for a development/publishing studio where you risk being viewed simply as a support function.


Your compensation and career development is determined by your contribution and not your tenure.

Comprehensive Review and Career Planning

GlobalStep has a skill based matrix for different staff and management levels. Your skill level as well as your work performance for given skill level are assessed every six months, based on input from your Test Leads and Service Managers.

This provides you the necessary input to focus your training and development in a way that optimizes your development and creates the most value for GlobalStep.

Well-Rounded Professional Development

We test games on a wide array of platforms across all genres. This provides you unparalleled opportunities for a well-rounded professional development.

Developing Global Capability

We are a high value added global service provider with US based leadership. At GlobalStep, you will develop the ability to work effectively in any part of the world.