Game Testing Services

We check the functionality of every single module of the game in detail. A detailed test guide is created to capture all the elements and is updated daily and sent to the client with a daily status report.

  • Design of Test
  • The tester designs and executes tests while learning the game. Test design is organized by a set of concise patterns designed to assure that testers don't miss anything important. The test guide is prepared while preparing the playthrough or familiarization of the game.

  • Ad Hoc Testing
  • This includes tests for random scenarios based on an infinite number of test cases developed through the situational reflexes of the testers in a dynamic real-time playthrough mode. The objective is to cover scenarios that may not have been included in the initial test guide.

  • Structured Testing
  • Our testers execute test cases according to the test guide to ensure that all areas of the game are functional.

  • Multiplayer Testing
  • We test the functionality of multiplayer options with dedicated internet lines and LAN and run tests to check latency, checklists, etc.

  • Game Analysis
    • Game Impressions:
    • Our testers are able to evaluate the game and provide input on the graphical interface, the background story, the input methods and the general gameplay experience.

    • Game Balancing:
    • We test the game thoroughly to ensure that there is an acceptable level of challenge for the player. We evaluate whether the current difficulty level of the game maintains user interest.

    • Focus Group Analysis:
    • We can evaluate different game elements including playability, re-playability, franchise, etc. with focus group characteristics such as age group, education, gender or other factors.

  • Localization Playthrough
  • If the game supports more than one language, playthroughs are conducted in all supported languages to ensure that the game can be played through. GlobalStep has language experts to assist testers in understanding the game if it is not available in English for familiarization.

Manage Open Beta
We take all the defects reported by gamers, perform triage, write up the valid bugs in the standard reporting format and then track them through the defect correction life cycle.

GlobalStep will collect, correct, check, update and upload all defects that the open beta testers find in the duration of the tests. GlobalStep will also be responsible to check the Open Beta tester's bugs for validity and accuracy. The Bug life cycle will be monitered and claimed fixed bugs will be regressed and updated accordingly.

Compliance Testing is done on all versions of the game to ensure that the game conforms to the hardware manufacturer's standards.

We test the game on multiple hardware configurations and software platforms for both stability and performance. Reporting parameters for stability testing include frame rates, loading time, seeking time, defect reporting and defect analysis.

Performance Testing involves a series of test cases under different conditions and a complete playthrough on minimum, required and recommended hardware configurations and software platforms.

We provide project management services for localization and linguistic testing using the capability of selected European localization studios with whom we have a strategic alliance.